HSC Advocacy Services

HSC Advocacy Services represent the interests of people who may find it difficult to be heard or speak out for themselves. These can include older people, those with disabilities and those with mental health problems. With the suppport of trained staff, we provide an independent advocacy service. This gives a voice to people who need suppport to make their own choices because they are frail or disabled or because of financial or social circumstances. It also enables them to have their individual needs and views respected and acted upon. 

We offer a free professional service, for those people who do not meet the contracted criteria, our services can be purchased by individuals and other organisations. HSC Advocacy Services is an independent advocacy service for people who live in Scotland.  We work with people using health and social work services.  Everyone in Scotland and who requires care has a legal right to an independent advocate.

Do you...
...sometimes find it hard to say what you mean when talking to health or social work staff?

Do you...
...sometimes find it difficult to take in everything they say to you?

We can...
...help you speak up for what you want and make sure your views are heard.

We can...
...help you work out what choices you have and explore options with you.

For more information on our Advocacy Service's please contact us : Phone: 01563 556130    Email: info@hscfutures.co.uk

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